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🌞 Hey there, Solar Enthusiasts! ☀️ Ever dreamt of giving your energy bills a one-way ticket to savings town? Well, buckle up because I’m about to introduce you to SOL-A Solar Energy Group, where we turn your roof into a sun-soaking powerhouse!

💰 At SOL-A SOlar Energy Group, we’re on a mission to make you the boss of your energy costs. Picture this: a greener future, more cash in your pocket, and saying sayonara to those pesky electricity bill hikes. Intrigued? Let me break it down for you.

🌐 Our expert team with help from BV Power serves up top-quality solar solutions nationwide. Whether you’re chillin’ in a cozy home or running a bustling business, we’ve got the perfect solar system waiting just for you.

🛠️ But hold on, it’s not just about slapping some panels on your roof and calling it a day. We take solar seriously. With our fancy satellite analysis, we’ll pinpoint the solar potential of your roof, ensuring it basks in optimal sun vibes. Our team then crafts a customized solar system that not only looks sleek on your roof but also cranks up the energy generation to the max.

💡 And the best part? Our cutting-edge software spills the beans on your potential savings. Who knew going solar could be this high-tech and, dare I say, cool?

💼 Now, let’s talk business – literally! Our hassle-free process kicks off with a free consultation. We’ll chat about your needs, answer all your burning questions, and basically make going solar a breeze. From the first site survey to the final installation, we’ve got it all covered.

💸 Oh, did I mention we’re on a mission to make going solar not just beneficial but downright profitable for you? Equipment depreciation credits, 30%-40% ITC credits, REAP grants, and Renewable Energy Carbon Credit payments – we’re like the Robin Hood of solar incentives, bringing the perks back to the people.

🚫 So, say goodbye to those forced rate hikes and dirty energy bills from the utility company. It’s time to take control, make a smart investment, and join the league of satisfied customers who’ve made the switch to solar. Ready to light up your life with SOL-A Solar Energy Group? Contact us today and let’s kick those bills to the curb! 💡✨
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Let the light shine on your bottom line

Click below to get your free 15-minute consultation and find out why 1000s have upgraded their homes to solar power.


Across the nation, utility companies have increased their rates by over two-fold in the last two decades. When you switch to solar energy, you're no longer dependent on your utility company for the electricity you produce!

Upgrade your lifestyle

When you're not concerned about soaring electricity costs, you can enjoy comfortable living without guilt, knowing you're powered by a sustainable solution. Relax and breathe freely year-round.

Believe in your service

Our objective is to provide every household in the United States with a clean, renewable energy source to fuel their homes. We've assembled a team of specialists who will assist you in the straightforward transition to solar power.


By simply clicking a button, you can connect with one of our energy experts to determine if your home meets the criteria for this transformative upgrade. This upgrade not only saves you money, but also ensures continuous power supply regardless of power grid conditions, all while benefiting the environment.

Get started with Solar in 3 easy steps...


Arrange a call with one of our specialists who will effortlessly guide you through the solar conversion process. They will address all your inquiries and furnish you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision on why solar is the ideal choice for you.


Once you determine that transitioning to solar is the optimal choice for your needs, we'll collaborate with you to design the ideal system for your home or business, ensuring it generates ample power to meet your needs.

let the light shine on your bottom line

We take care of the entire process. We fine-tune your system to deliver optimal results, allowing you to relax, save money, and embrace the clean energy revolution. Take charge and seize ownership of your power generation today!

Frequently asked questions...

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  1. Vince Grant on February 22, 2024 at 12:12 am

    Oscar did a great job on my system and we are now teamed up to help others go solar. He’s a trustworthy very informative professional.

  2. Vince Laezza on February 22, 2024 at 12:16 am

    Oscar was awesome, professional and friendly. From day one, he went above and beyond to get our system installed, he was there through the whole process. Still today, 7 months after our system was installed we still communicate. Thank you Oscar for everything.

  3. Jimmy T on February 27, 2024 at 12:49 am

    Oscar was very responsive and supportive. We are really happy to have used his service to get our house on solar. Highly recommended!

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