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Allen Biles

I am a Solar Educator, Mentor, and Advisor for both Residential and Commercial Solar.
I am educated in Green Energy Financing, PEARL Green Energy Certification and have vast experience in Solar + Storage energy solutions.
Dedicated to outstanding Customer service, I put my clients needs first, by doing a deep discovery call with each client to learn about their needs, their wants and why they want Clean, Green Solar Energy to power their home or business.

On a personal note;
I am very family oriented with traditional values and ethics. I am the proud father of 7 children and enjoy the blessings of 20 Grandchildren.

I look forward to speaking with you and showing you the tremendous savings Solar can provide, along with the Peace of Mind having Energy Security can bring you.

Feel free to call or write me for a No-Cost Energy Consultation at your home or business.

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Phone: (352) 800-6751


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Let the light shine on your bottom line

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Across the nation, utility companies have increased their rates by over two-fold in the last two decades. When you switch to solar energy, you're no longer dependent on your utility company for the electricity you produce!

Upgrade your lifestyle

When you're not concerned about soaring electricity costs, you can enjoy comfortable living without guilt, knowing you're powered by a sustainable solution. Relax and breathe freely year-round.

Believe in your service

Our objective is to provide every household in the United States with a clean, renewable energy source to fuel their homes. We've assembled a team of specialists who will assist you in the straightforward transition to solar power.


By simply clicking a button, you can connect with one of our energy experts to determine if your home meets the criteria for this transformative upgrade. This upgrade not only saves you money, but also ensures continuous power supply regardless of power grid conditions, all while benefiting the environment.

Get started with Solar in 3 easy steps...


Arrange a call with one of our specialists who will effortlessly guide you through the solar conversion process. They will address all your inquiries and furnish you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision on why solar is the ideal choice for you.


Once you determine that transitioning to solar is the optimal choice for your needs, we'll collaborate with you to design the ideal system for your home or business, ensuring it generates ample power to meet your needs.

let the light shine on your bottom line

We take care of the entire process. We fine-tune your system to deliver optimal results, allowing you to relax, save money, and embrace the clean energy revolution. Take charge and seize ownership of your power generation today!

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