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BV Power was founded by entrepreneurs Bob Dickie, Tymber Lee, Bill Newton, and Newt Collinson to help homeowners save money on electric bills and reduce their dependency on the aging legacy electric grid in the United States. 

The Renewable Energy Revolution, also known as "Clean Tech", is underway and the United States government is behind this movement with tax credits and rebates that every homeowner can take advantage of today. The Anti-Inflation Bill passed by Congress in 2022 gives even greater benefits with up to 30% tax credit for installing new solar panels on a home. Advancements in solar technology continue at a rapid rate giving homeowners incredible choices that will help them save money and increase the property values of their homes. As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners have the ability to lock in their energy rates today to ensure they are insulated from the volatility of future energy rate hikes and uncertainty.

With the Renewable Energy / Clean Tech Revolution underway around the world, BV Power intends to help homeowners with a triple bottom line by reducing energy cost, increasing property value, and maximizing tax rebates/incentives. All of these benefits make economic sense while at the same time helping reduce carbon emissions and helping the planet move to more renewable and sustainable energy for the world our children and grandchildren will inherit. 

Added benefits include ensuring your home has access to power regardless of the aging and often time failing electric grid that is in desperate need of being updated around the United States. (America’s PowerGrid is Increasingly Unreliable – Wall Street Journal)

We believe good stewardship is doing well financially while doing well environmentally. Our mission is to bring economic opportunity and freedom to the customers and clients we serve.

The BV Power Team


To bring economic opportunity and freedom to the customers and clients we serve. We do this through education and helping the average American homeowner to realize the many financial and environmental benefits of clean renewable energy for their homes. Furthermore, we want to empower them to become advocates of the renewable energy revolution and helping reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil while being good stewards of the environment.


To equip and empower entrepreneurs who possess work ethic, drive, and integrity, to seize on the incredible opportunity of the renewable energy revolution to make a difference in their communities while providing a sustaining and meaningful career for them and their families.


  1. Integrity First
  2. Service Before Self
  3. Excellence in All We Do